Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sending Sunshine....

Good Monday morning....

I don't know about you....but I need a little sunshine!  These rainy, cold days have me longing for Spring!

I feel a little hemmed in and I just want to find that loose piece of string and free myself.

It's human nature I always be on the look out for something more pleasing.  When Summer rolls around and the temps become sweltering....out comes those famous words.."I'm ready for cooler days..ready for Winter."

Now that Winter is here...we promise not to ever complain about the Summer heat...never again!

We need only to put on our happy suit and enjoy the day!

happy sunshine!



Ginny said...

I love your sunshine in a jar! Too bad we cannot have a bit of actual sunshine in a jar! No matter what the weather is, there are always people who complain about it! Even if the weather is perfect! I can find something good in almost any kind of weather and am so happy to live where I experience all the changing seasons! One good thing about winter, NO BUGS! And I enjoy not living in fear! However (yes, you knew there would be an however) I wouldn't mind at all if spring comes early!

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I agree with Ginny-- I try and find something good in any kind of weather.
I can't tell you how many times, I've walked into the feed store to shop and over hear the farmers talking about the rain... THEY ARE ALWAYS GRATEFUL FOR RAIN! I don't know how they feel about other weather... and I bet farmers completely dislike DROUGHT... but I try to have their attitude about rain...No matter what the weather is where I am!
When it's cold, I'm thankful for a fire...even if it means hauling wood up to the house. (hardwork) ...but then I try and be grateful for the health to do that.
I guess-- if sunshine came in a jar, we'd all have some, but sooner or later, we'd like it to be dark, so we can get some sleep! Have you been to Alaska, Shug?
I never have... I wonder what they talk about there. How about this sunshine we're having? I'll be glad when the moon comes back 'round!
ha ha ha...
I love reading your blog... it makes me think!
I can't wait for Spring...not because of the cold, but because I'm SO READY for Ranger Baseball... I'm no a football fan at all!
have a great week-

Melinda said...

I'm all for the sun!
We had some today and
that allowed us to go
outside for recess!!!

M : )

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