Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Scaredy Cats

Hey Everyone......

My patient is doing very well.  The pain meds are working and he is actually resting very well.  Thanks for all the prayers.

I am truly exhausted!!!  What is it about sitting at a hospital that just wears a person out?  It's not as if I was
actually doing any kind of physical, it must be
a mental issue!!

This is really funny.....especially if any of you possibly knew what a scaredy cat I really am.

FACT:  I DON"T like to stay by myself at night.

I hear all kinds of sounds!  I see every movement, even if it is just the tiniest dust bunny blowing through the air.

I prop chairs in front of the doors, I check and re-check the windows and doors to make sure they are locked, I turn on every single outdoor light attached to this house.  Shades are all down and curtains are closed!!

It's kinda like I send out signals to all those passing by, that I am home alone!  People can drive by and say: "Yep, she's home by herself tonight."  They can tell, just by seeing the dollars that I'm using in electricity.

Well......last night, I came home from the hospital and I rushed in and went through every room in the house.  (Yep, it was still light outside.)   I just needed to make sure that I checked everything.  

I took my shower (shocker) and then I hopped into bed.  In just a short time, I was out like a light.  I think I woke up once, to go the bathroom and that was around 10:30.   Other than that, I slept all night long!!   Shanda was scheduled to call me early this morning, just to make sure  that I woke up in time to get back over to the hospital EARLY.  

Ended up, that I woke up on my own because there was so much early morning light, shining through one of our bedroom windows.!!  Great goodness, I hopped up, only to realize that the shade had fallen sometime during the night and that particular window was completely uncovered!!   

I would have had a fit if I had known that this happened during the night!!

About six weeks ago, Sam and I ordered wood shutters for the windows in our bedroom.   They have not come in yet, so for right now, I have some temporary (Cheap) shades covering our windows.   Evidently, one of them decided that last night was the perfect night to detach itself from the wall.

This means that I slept most of the night with nothing covering that window!!!!!  Yikes!  Any kind of booger bear could have been watching me sleep....This was not good!

One of the first things I did this afternoon was to secure the shade that covers that window!!  

Hope I sleep tonight and hope that I don't lay awake....worrying about the shade falling again!! I'm still tired and I need my sleep...

Are any of you scaredy cats like me???

Shug ~


Betsy Adams said...

You are such a cutie... Love your writings.. Glad Sam is resting and doing good --as good as possible after that surgery.

I would be the same way if George were gone.. BUT--I lived alone for many years and was never scared... Guess we are just used to those big sweet men in our lives to protect us....

I did wonder why you didn't get a grandchild to spend the night in your home with you... Would that help???

Sorry about your shade --but you must have been VERY tired since it didn't wake you up when it fell....Guess that is a good thing.

Hugs to you and your MAN,

Gail Dixon said...

Glad to hear Sam is doing well! On the rare occasions when hubby is out of town, it seems at night my dogs become alarmed more than usual which sends me into panic. I don't think I could've slept with nothing covering the window. You are brave!

Laurie M said...

aww, I wish you were closer, you could come stay with me, I'm not nervous being alone in the apartment, its a security building, but I was never alone all the time we were in the house, maybe I would be, I hope your hubby feels well soon, it is exhausting sitting at the hospital I agree,

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I've had to be home alone on the worst nights when we've had storms, rain or ice, and BG has been called to work through the night. I'm like you and can hear every little sound and everything always looks different in the dark. I guess I'm sorta used to it, but I really don't like it all that much. So glad to hear that Sam is doing well. Hope you get rested up!

Melinda said...

No not big on staying alone!

Glad Sam is on the road to recovery.

The shade story cracked me up!

M : )

Mary Callan said...

What a fright
Much love to you and your man!

Patty Sumner said...

Oh Yes! I am a scaredy cat too.. My hubby has had training two weeks in Denver and has third week next week... which means I am home alone.. As I read your post I had to laugh within myself..this is so me! I do the exact same all outside lights check....all doors and window locked check...all rooms and closets clear check and so on.. Yes, I am a scaredy cat! I understand completley! Remember me next week because I will be in the same NOt funny but seriously.....I hate being alone at night! Thanks for sharing and being open.. Blessings!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I sure hope you sleep good tonight. It helps to read and relax completely before falling asleep. I've slept alone in the past and don't have a problem. I'm a pretty sound sleeper though and probably wouldn't have heard anything falling either. Take care! Sweet hugs, Diane

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I can't say I liked being at home alone for night,but when the time came that I needed to do that it wasn't that bad. At first I liked every light in the house to be on until I went to bed,but that has changed as well.Glad Sam is doing well.

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