Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm not afraid to throw stuff away.....

We are chilling in good ol' East Texas.   A powerful cold front has brought  us a windy, chilly day.

It was so very nice outside yesterday......temps reached a high of 76 and it really felt very nice outdoors.  I, myself was able to accomplish MUCH!  

I do not understand how this happens, but occasionally, there seems to be an area in our yard (just to the right of the garage) that appears to be an outdoor storage.   Somehow......things get piled up in that area and never, ever, seem to find their place.     Do any of you have a problem like this?

It drives me crazy (crazier) than normal.   I had had enough yesterday.  I spent a big part of my morning, cleaning up that area.   How is it that I can find a home for all of this stuff, but no one else can?
Beats me!!!!! 
I did some serious cleaning, and this area now......looks GREAT!

For one thing......I'm not afraid to THROW stuff away.   Oh dear.....hope Sam doesn't read this post!!!

I'm thinking that the eye sore (the one that I just cleaned up) needs to take on a new look....

Maybe something like the photo above......    OR ........

Something like this........

This is a look that would sure bring a smile to my face!!


It's gonna be a great stay inside and create in my mind......loving thoughts of my family and friends....  

It's also a great day to send out a thoughtful note to a friend, or to phone someone who may be a little lonely.  

Thank you Lord, for this wonderful day!!  

Hugs to you all.....

Shug ~


Gail Dixon said...

Clutter just drives me nuts! We have a boat garage (no boat, it's just storage) and it has become all junked up. We've been waiting for a cool afternoon to tackle this job. I think our front is coming this afternoon, but I'm going shoe shopping instead of clearing clutter. I love your inspirational photos, especially that last one with the fire pit. Looks so romantic!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I am beginning to get brave and throw or give things away. I have never been in any danger of being on that tv show about hoarders, but I keep a fair amount of stuff. So I'm trying adopt the attitude of "if you don't use it or love it" get rid of it! It's still hard sometimes to do, tho! :)

Debbie said...

My husband cannot throw things away and I can. Sometimes I regret it, but not too often. I regret clutter more! I often have to sneak things out for the garbage man to pic up, or sneak them off the goodwill. If he sees them on the curb, he will sneak out and run to the basement or garage. It is an ongoing contest! Those photos brought a smile to my fact too. Eager to see what you do.

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