Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Test of Faithfulness

A Faithful person  is one that truly believes that GOD is in control of all our circumstances.  It is so easy to say we have Faith but yet sometimes we don't really and truly believe what we say. 

We are full of Faith when we see the positive in our circumstances, but the very minute that situations suddenly start to fall apart, are minds are set on disbelief or the Faith we thought we had becomes transparent. 

Most of the time in these less fortunate events we never take the time to see what God may be trying to accomplish in our lives.  We do not want to be TESTED.  The truth is, our faithfulness to God is tested every day.  The world is very impatient and we act as if God is like a touch machine.  We touch a button and expect him to pour out his Blessings...If we don't like that particular Blessing or if it is not as big as what we anticipated, then we simply want to touch a different button to get something better.

An example of this would be in healing.  I know that when my mother first became sick, I prayed that God would just give us an answer as to why she was in so much pain.  I had Faith that God heard my prayers and that mother would have surgery and life would go back like it was, she would feel great.  Then when the answer came that she had Multiple-Myeloma (Cancer), my Faith failed.  I was scared for her and I wanted to touch a different button that would assure me that God would TOTALLY heal her. God had other plans, but that does not mean that my faith should have wavered.  Our Faith does not say that what WE want is what is going to happen.
The goal of faithfulness should be to let God freely do His work through us.   If we have a sick child, if we have lost our job, if we need a touch in our own body, if we have loved ones that are not saved.....We are to Trust God! We are to have confidence that God is in control and by doing this our Faith becomes stronger. 
Have Faith and Believe God for His WILL!

"We know that all things work together for good to those who love God...."   (Romans 8:28)

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Mom on the go said...

So true. I love what you said.

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