Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I still can not believe what I am seeing.......
This is a 8 pound Bass mounted and hanging on my wall!
In the living room at that.

This is what I am thinking....If I leave it hanging there for maybe a month, Sam will not notice when I take it down and replace it with a picture.  What ya think??

The story of this fish is very interesting....About a 2 years ago, Sam was fishing down at the lake on the farm.  He caught this big bass and as he was reeling it in, the fish swam under and over a big irrigation pipe out in the lake...  Sam knew there was no way for him to get to the fish, but then he had a thought,  " I will call Shug and she can come down here and I can tie a rope onto my waist.  She can hold the rope while I swim out and untangle the fish" 

 I can just see it now.....Sam tied to the rope swimming out to get the fish, the rope isn't long enough, He pulls me in and guess what?  I can't swim!  He is determined to get the fish, not knowing that I am under water gasping for air.  Newspaper Headlines the next day:  "Man Saves Fish....Let's Wife Die".      Oh, Thank goodness, I wasn't home!   

Ended up, that he had to cut the line and let the fish go.....

The very next year, he caught this fish in the same place.  Sam absolutly believes without a doubt that this is the same exact fish he caught the year before.  (???????) Who Knows.   He was so excited and we all were too!  Sam took the fish to a taxidermist and a Year later, here it is on my wall.....

It really does not go with the decor of my living room, but I really don't mind....Sam never complains when I move his favorite chair, nor does he ever complain about anything I want to do in the house....I have named the fish ORVAL and maybe with a little time, I will learn to love the thing!
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