Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, April 9, 2010

Impossible is Possible

I have been very hesitant to write this blog, but it is on my mind and I need to express what is in my heart.  I don't have an outline when I get ready to Blog,  I usually write what I am thinking.  I don't have any idea how many people follow what I write, but I feel that not only could this particular topic help me, it might be able to help others that have struggled with a prayer that has not been answered.  First of all let me say that when I am speaking of my family, I always list their names.  To calm the waters, this blog is not in reference to Sam or my daughters, their husbands, or even my grandchildren.  Nor is it about me.  However it is a person that I care deeply about and sincerely hope to see their life change.......  

 As a Christian Believer,  I know that there is not anything that is impossible for GOD.  I also know that Faith IS believing in the unseen.  There are times when my faith wavers a bit because I allow my mind to dig into the negative thought world. 

I ask myself:  How can a situation be so bad and so difficult beyond reason?  If it were my situation then I might possibly understand, but when the impossible belongs to others, it is easy for me to ask these questions.  I am on the outside looking in and problems seem so easy to fix if one would just try.

What is it to me?  It is everything....If it affects those that I care deeply about, then it affects me as well...My family knows how I have tried in so many ways to be the one person that could reach out and help this person in need.  Actually, they have all stood patiently by me and encouraged me to be that friend, to be that Christian example that could possibly help change a life..

I get frustrated when I can't see anything happening for the good.  I have to realize though, that my timing is not God's timing and just because I have not seen this prayer answered does not mean that an answer will not come...

God sees my doubt as a lack of faith..  I have been praying for this person for almost 20 years with no results.  My first thoughts are:  What is it?  Are my prayers not going anywhere?  Is this too difficult for God?  The truth is,  I am actually ashamed to let others know that I am still praying for this situation.  People have prayed with me about it, and to ask them to continue to pray seems almost useless.  BUT!  But God!!    I have to remember, But God is in Control.   My eyes only see the carnal things.  They do not see what God might be doing.  I know that seeds have been planted, and that God has heard every single prayer.  I must have faith to believe that God will do the IMPOSSIBLE.
HE will restore, HE will make brand new and HE will receive all the Glory.

I am still earnestly praying and I Hope that someday God will allow me to see a miracle in what I feel at the time is an impossible situation....

Thank you for letting me blog from my heart..I pray that if any of you have an unsaved loved one, you will diligently lift them up in prayer each and every day.....

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