Tuesday, June 30, 2020

It's Salsa time!  And before long, it will be Pear Relish time!   

Sam has already informed me that the pear trees are loaded down.   I put up a huge amount of PEAR relish last year, but he wants me to can MORE!

I did this last week.......↑↑

Canned Dry Beans!   I loved hearing all the jar lids pop!!  

Have any of you ever done this?  It was very easy and from what I have read, they will last a long time.   

Gonna "dry can" some rice this next week.   

This is what has been happening in my world.   


Monday, June 22, 2020

Hey Friends.....I've been missing you all.  I have great news!  Our home is somewhat put back together.   For those that didn't know, our house had water damage due to one of the commodes getting hung and pouring out water all over my wood floors.   

When we came home that day, there was about an inch and half of water standing in two rooms.

I am super pleased with the new flooring.  I went with wood plank tile and so far, it has been easy to keep.

~ ~ ~ ~

Sam and I had a fabulous trip to California!!  It was great to see our kids and to finally get to hold our new baby girl.   It was the BEST feeling to get to hold her close and to get to smell that new born smell.   


Beautiful place..

Proud Pops moment......

Face Mask were required on our flight, for which I was very thankful, and California still required Face mask almost every place that we went.   

We only had one problem on this trip.   Sam (somehow) lost his Drivers License at the airport that we flew out of.   You definitely need your license when you are flying.   We were not sure that he was going to be able to get on the plane for our flight home......BUT, he explained the situation and he did have two other picture ID's, so he did get to fly home with me.    Woo Hoo.

When we left, they had just finished our floors the day before.   This meant that when we returned, we would have to move all the furniture back where it goes.   

I'm super thankful for grandsons that can easily move heavy furniture.   

Hope all is good for you all...


Thursday, June 11, 2020

It has been 3 weeks....almost 4 since I've written a post.  

What better way to start a new post, than to post about our Senior.....2020?

Our Church celebrated the seniors by hosting a dinner for each senior and their family members...   This was such a wonderful event.

Tori and Tucker......It is always a good thing, when your brother takes time to take a photo with you....   As you might have noticed, Tori has on two surgical boots.   She had surgery on one foot about a month ago and the other foot about 2 weeks ago.  She has been a super sport about it all.   She walked the stage to get her diploma  with both boots on and did great.  

This is her table that was decorated for the dinner.....

Grandparents, mom and brother, celebrated with her.  

Tori graduated last Friday evening.....June 5th.  This has been a very unusual Senior year, with NO Prom, No award ceremonies, None of the usual Senior celebrations.   But....Tori has been a champ about all of it.   

I am so super proud of her.   She received several awards and three very nice scholarships.   This girl has worked very hard throughout her High School years and her achievements have been very rewarding.

She leaves for college in August and will be working towards a degree in Radiology....

In this Shug's eyes....SHE IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

I wish for her great success and Many Blessings along this new journey of College Life.  


Vacation time is the BEST!!   Wouldn't it be great if we were all able to take a good vacation at least 10 days or so, ever other month?...