Saturday, March 28, 2020

It's Hard to Say Bye!

It's so hard to say good-bye to something you have taken care of for the past 6 months.   Even if it is a PIG!

Just take a look at this sweet thing.....He loves having Trey brush him down.   

I really feel bad for all the AG kids this year.   They have all spent numerous hours each day, taking care of their Show Animals.  
We have three grandkids showing Pigs this year......Tori, Trey and Mylee..... 

They got them in October when the pigs were so teeny tiny, and they have raised them to weigh around 275 each.   A lot of time was spent feeding, walking, washing, grooming and caring for their pigs.  

Tori had Two pigs, Trey had Two pigs and since this was Mylee's first year to show a pig, she had one.

Did I mention that it cost a lot of money to raise a Show Pig?

Due to Covid-19......the Livestock show was canceled, which means the kids were not able to show OR make the sell!

This morning, it was time to say Good-bye to their pigs that they had become attached to.    It's really difficult when they name their pigs, because they then become pets.  

The kids loaded up all 5 pigs and took them to the County Livestock grounds, where the big truck was there, waiting to load the pigs.  From there they went to be processed.   

This has definitely been a learning year.   They've learned that even through all their hard work, things in life happen that are out of our control.   You just have to dust your hands off and start preparing the pens for the NEW season ...Coming in October.  

Regardless of the financial loss as well as having to say good-bye to the pigs that they had looked so forward to showing off......all three of them...Tori, Trey and Mylee.....had a fun time raising Bessie, Ben, Portia, Dude and Pinkie.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Oh y'all........ I have been so excited about our planned cruise to Alaska!

Sam and I, along with several of our High School friends, were scheduled to set sail on July 2nd, for this cruise, as well as a visit to Vancouver.  

Needless to say, we all decided that we needed to hold off on taking a cruise this we Cancelled.   


Just to think.....for the past 4 months, I have been stressing over a rain jacket to take on the now (Cancelled) cruise.

I have searched the internet....I must have looked at least a 100 jackets.   They all were either to heavy, not heavy enough, didn't come in my size, or where just simply not what I was looking for.

I found cute rain jackets for Trista and Shanda (my daughters) and bought them each one.  They have loved them!

A rain jacket is a rain jacket.....RIGHT?
As long as it keeps you dry, that is all that counts!  


I needed A.................

#1.  Cute and Colorful rain coat
#2.  a Jacket that was comfortable
#3.  one that would serve multiple purposes
#4.  Not too heavy, not too light

About a month ago, I finally found one that I liked.

This one is super comfy and not too heavy, not too light.

BUT doesn't really matter, does it?  I did all that fretting over nothing.  While it is true that I now own the Perfect Rain Jacket....I'm kinda sad, that I allowed something like this to consume so much of my time.  

Lesson learned!!


Thursday, March 19, 2020

One of the top places on our list to visit, is Branson Mo.   This past Saturday, we enjoyed our 8 hour drive, from Texas to the hills of Branson.  Chateau on the Lake is our favorite hotel to stay at.....

Sam, Mylee, and I left around 8:30 Saturday morning and headed out for the long drive.  The rest of our crew (7 of them to be exact) had planned to leave the next morning to meet us up there, for a family vacation that had been planned since last August.

It was a tad bit rainy, but the drive was so pretty.   Needless to say, about two hours before we arrived, I had a message that the Sight and Sound had been closed due to COVID-19.  Such a disappointment for all of us, but completely understandable.

We would have completely canceled the vacation, but at the time, I was not going to be able to get any of my pre-paid money back.
Thankfully....I was able to get reimbursed for everything...

Mylee and pops waiting on Ice-Cream

The three of us ended up spending the night and then we got up EARLY the next morning, to head out for our 8 hour drive home.  

Our Spring Break vacation did not happen, but I know there will be another time and and another place for us to as a family to go to.  
My guess is the BEACH!  

It is what it is!


Saturday, March 7, 2020

Have you ever taken the time to figure how many minutes are in a day?  In a 24 hour period of time, there are....One thousand, four hundred and forty minutes in a day.  

Many people spend about 16 hours per day.......AWAKE!   Some of us spend less than this.   Me being one of them!   And some people only require a few hours of rest per night, allowing them to be up a longer amount of time.

I read a post a few months ago, talking about how we invest our 
TIME.   For many, they spend the majority of their day at work, or traveling to and from work.  Some of us who do not work out of the home, spend many hours cooking, cleaning, gardening, running errands, and so on and so on.

Many of us have hobbies that can take up a lot of our time.   

What came to my mind about this topic was....How do I invest my time in the way that would be pleasing to the Lord.   I am very much dedicated to family and a huge portion of my time is spent  making sure that they are all taken care of.   This is a huge job!

Cooking and feeding them, following them to their games or whatever else they are involved in, sewing and mending, running errands for them, going to Dr's appointments with them.   This list goes on and on.   However, the most important job for me is in making sure that they all know I am praying for them all of the time.  Making sure they know how important their relationship with the Lord is.

I have to make sure that they know that their wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, is constantly praying over them as they go throughout their day.  

Not only do I invest my time in taking care of my family, but a very critical way I spend my time is in making sure that I take care of myself.....   This means my health, mental health, my happiness and joy, my marriage, and in having a strong relationship with the Lord.  

Investment in my time is very important to me because it it guides me through each and every day, in making sure that my life is good.

How do you invest your time?


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I absolutely love to Journal...... I'm pretty sure that I have mentioned this several times.   It makes me feel so relaxed and free, whatever that means.   LOL

No Pens for me!!!   I am a pencil kind of gal.   I find it very difficult to journal, using a pen.    

The exception is when I Bible Journal......   I usually use colored pens for my art work.   

I also love to Blog, but.....I have been very limited in posting since last July.   

I mentioned a few post ago, that I hurt my index finger back in July last year.   I injured it by accidentally jamming the teeth of a comb between my nail and the nail bed.   OUCH!!!

You can not imagine the heck that I have had with this finger. antibiotics and now infected again.   

I do not like taking medicine and I especially do not like taking Antibiotics.    

I have an appointment tomorrow to see an infectious disease Dr. 
to try to find out exactly what the strain of the infection is and to try to decide if I need another surgery.

Needless to say.... I have been very limited on writing or using my computer to blog.  The index finger on the right hand is very important, ESPECIALLY if you are Right handed.

I suppose I need a computer that will allow me to talk into the speaker, and it will automatically type for me.    Of course, with my Southern, Texas accent.....I'm not so sure that the words would come out so good.    

Hope to be back posting at least weekly..... REAL SOON!


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