Sunday, July 30, 2017

No Thank you........!!!!!

As a child, I loved playing out in the rain, and I liked playing in the mud.  Did any of you ever have mud fights with your siblings?  I can remember playing out in the bar ditches....after a good ol' rain.

It was always fun to slip and slide in the mud puddles...and perhaps, throw a little mud on my sister and brothers.  

Not many kiddos play out in the rain, ANYMORE.  

This past week....the youth group at our church had a MUD DAY.

Theses kids had a Blast......

It has been above a 100 degrees outside, so maybe this was a great way to cool down!!    

This is Carson.....getting ready for a mud pull.

Mylee jo and our youth pastor's daughter.......

When this mud gets in your hair, it is very difficult to get it off of the scalp.   

I don't particularly want to cool down by covering myself in mud, really does look like a lot of fun!!


Friday, July 28, 2017

This has been one of the fastest months that I've seen in a long while.   I guess that when you're having a GREAT time....the days pass by fast.  

As most of you ALREADY know....Tyler was home from his Tech school, from the 5th of the month until the 23rd.  Wow....what a great time for our family!  He made it to his duty station this past Monday, and I am already getting excited about the trip that Sam and I are go see him at his new base.

As a family....we fished, we fished, and we fished.  We had a great fish fry, but we didn't cook the fish that we caught!!!  LOL.   We bought the good ol' catfish that Sam cooked.  Of can't live in Texas and not have a BBQ.  So....we had a BBQ with all of the good fixings of baked beans, potato salad and good ol' Sweet 
Tea!    And....we traveled!!

You know what they say......Time passes fast when you're having fun!!   

Can I just tell you, over the past year.....I have certainly learned a whole lot about the sacrifices that are made on behalf of our military men and women.

When it comes to our Airman.....there has not been an easy "See You Later" as of yet.   It is difficult seeing them move so far away, knowing that you won't see them for a good while.   

Oh wow....I had better move on to another topic before I get all teary eyed.


Blogging has become more and more difficult for me to keep up with.   What helps is being FB friends with so many of you.   I truly miss reading about the things that are happening with each of you and your families.   If you are on FB or Instagram and we have not become friends yet.....then I would love to friend you and keep up with you that way.

As soon as the summer time is over and our kiddos get back in school....I do plan to do more inspirational writings on my blog.

Speaking of school......Sam and I will have a grandson entering his first year of college, and I'm so very thankful for SCHOLARSHIPS!!  I'm sure you all know what a Blessing it is for your child, grandchild to get scholarships..!?

We also will have a Junior in High School....a Sophomore....a Freshman, and then a 4th grader.    Am I really getting older?

I may not be getting older, but Sam P. certainly is.   My goodness, our mailbox has been packed full of mail from insurance companies, giving us all the details about "Supplemental" insurance.   Sam turns 65 in Medicare is just around the corner.   

While aging, it's best to age with great joy!!

Hope to be back on this blog site real soon.....


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July


                            Family today....Friends tonight.....

Myles bike......all decorated up for the parade tonight at the park......


Shanda and Trey....

The two 15 year olds.....
I have to work hard to get them to smile for the camera...
as you can see, they didn't smile this time!!

Me and Trey....enjoying a popsicle!!

another part of our crew....JUST BEFORE THEY THREW ME IN THE POOL !!!!! ~~~~~  NO PICTURES OF THAT!!

S0N-in-LaWs........Tom and Ty! bombing this picture of Carson and Trey.

Brisket....Ribs....Smoked Turkey....Corn on the cob....salad....Cream potatoes.....mac and cheese....rolls....tea....
and Oreo cookie pie!   Thats what was for dinner!!

Happy all of you!!!!!


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