Monday, June 27, 2016

party pics...

Hey Y'all......I just have to tell you that our "See you later" party was AWESOME!!  

So many wonderful friends, family and educators came out to offer their full support to Tyler.

 Our venue was set up....absolutely wonderful for this occasion.   Thanks to my two precious daughters for helping me!!  

Grandparents......and Tyler

Great Grand Parents......and Tyler




Tyler's awesome friend....Koby...   


All kinds of goodies.....

Can't have a party without decorative straws!!!

One of the table decorations...


Very proud of this young man....  


Friday, June 24, 2016

See you later

Feeling like a baby this know, a crying baby whose dad has just thrown their "Pabby" out of the car window...while driving down the road.

What does a "Pabby" do?  It pacifies a child.....just the same as a baby blanket might do for a kid.    

Mylee is now 8 years old.....but she never goes to bed without her "Pink Bwank Bwank."     Attachment?  I think so!!!

Taking something away that we have become so attached to can be devastating..... 

This girls and I are decorating the venue for Tylers "See you later" party, tomorrow night.   In just a little over a week, he will be leaving for Air Force bootcamp.

Don't get me wrong......I KNOW this happens everyday.  Young men and women all across this great Country of ours.....leave for basics, to prepare to serve in our military.

I am proud of each one of them!

As Tyler's grandmother {Sugar, Shug, Sugar Booger} I have been so Blessed to have a very special relationship with him.  Almost like a BFF kind of relationship.  This has been an awesome privilege for me.

While I am excited for his future.....a part of me wants to be selfish and just keep him near.   Memories of younger years are flooding my mind.   Those days of milk mustaches and having a "happy go lucky" kid running in and out of the back door..... these memories keep my heart completely full.  

I know that Tyler is about to embark upon a brand new beginning and I fear what {it is} that I don't know anything about.   I can no longer swoop in and save the day for him!!!!

My emotions are all flared up, and for a good reason....{if I have to say so myself.}   I fear the unknown.....   I have a feeling of anxiety for him.... and even though I feel so much pride in this decision that he has made...for his future, I still fear all the changes.

One thing that I do know is that Tyler will go into the Air Force with a huge host of prayer warriors behind him.   AND...God is standing before him, behind him, and on all sides!  For this I am so thankful.    

Ok.....much to do today.   I'll post pictures of this great "Send Off" next week...

hugs to all...

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wishing all dad's out there a wonderful day!

Especially wishing this guy a fabulous Father's soulmate....Sam!!


Friday, June 17, 2016

My dad......

Father's Day is Sunday and I want to give Honor to my Dad for being such a wonderful, loving dad.

My dad has always been strong .....He was a " John Wayne" type of man.   He loved his hats and boots!!  Rarely did he go anywhere without his cowboy hat on!  All he needed was a sheriffs Badge!  LOL

Alzheimer's has taken so much away from this once super outgoing man.   I go to the nursing home almost every day, and even though he has been there for a year and a half still isn't any easier to walk in and see him so helpless.   However, he is in a great facility and they take such good care of him!!  I am thankful....

Mylee went with me this morning and even though my dad does not know her name....He is always thrilled to see her when she comes.   He knows that she belongs to him someway....but, he just can't connect that she is his great-granddaughter.

Even though this disease has distorted his memory, I can still see {and feel} his love for me.....his beautiful blue eyes stare at me and over and over again, he tells me how much he loves me.  It Blesses my heart when he says "I know who you are....You are my daughter."

I am thankful for each day, to be able to go visit him and to hear his voice.   

I love this man!


Monday, June 13, 2016

To Stay in the Past...Or not?

                                                                    Borrowed Photo

Do you ever pay attention to many of the "Old Sayings?"

Like....   A balance diet is a cookie in both hands!  {This one sounds  
                                 great to me}
                A clean house is a sign of a misspent life!

                Blood is thicker than water!  {How about this one?}

How about this one?......"The past is a good place to visit, but certainly not a good place to stay."

Way too often, we become prisoners of the past!

Is this a bad thing?  Can it be a good thing?    I would say the answer {YES} strongly relates to both of these questions.

Unfortunately, none of us are perfect!  We all have things in our past that can make us have a need to want to crawl.   Things that we would love to forget....but yet...the past has a way of playing tricks in our minds. 

Something small, may trigger a thought of something unpleasant,  that happened in our past and before long....we are dwelling on the very thing that we don't want to remember.

But....thank goodness for ALSO's!!  Right?

Built into our past....{I know it's built into my past}  Also
are SO MANY Beautiful memories!!  

Oh my....I have memory after memory of wonderful things that I would love to revisit in my past!  However....if I had to stay in the past, I would never get to experience the things of the future.    

I have things happening......this Summer.....that I sure don't want to miss out on!  

So....with that being said....I suppose that the Past is not a good place to stay!

How about that?  Just my thoughts for today!

Hugs everyone!



Tuesday, June 7, 2016



All of these places are calling my name!!


Monday, June 6, 2016

Good Morning everyone!  Thank you to all who have messaged me in regards to our safety.   We are not in the flood areas of Texas.  A huge portion of the flooding area is about 175 miles South of us.

My heart goes out to SO MANY who have lost SO MUCH.  Please keep the Texas folks in your prayers.


39 years ago {early in the morning}....I gave birth to our youngest daughter...Shanda Kay!

She has such a fun-loving personality!!

such a sweetheart....and she absolutely LOVES her sister!

I may get in a wee bit of trouble for posting these next two photos...  Shanda and her amazing Best Friend....Hallee Joan!

These two have been friends since their crawling years...

And can see that to go along with her Kind, sweet, adorable, loving heart.....

there is a fun loving crazy side to her as well...   !!!!

She's gonna for sure...get me!

Happy Birthday Shan.....

Love you!


Friday, June 3, 2016

A simple life...

Howdy, sweet friends!  We have another cloudy day taking place right here in East Texas.   Not only clouds...but rain and sprinkles too.   Our neighboring Texans, to the South of us, are sure getting hammered with rain!  Lots of flooding going on.  They sure need our prayers.


"Life is really simple; we.... ourselves, create the circumstances that complicate it!"

Such true words.....   I know that there are many out there that would is NOT simple, but is.

One thought that just came to my mind....{Because it just happened} IS:    When you are going to empty used grease from a cooker.....make sure that you have the nozzel lined up with the bucket!!   What was the circumstance that complicated this matter?  Grease ran out onto the porch! :(

LOTS of Cleaning up!!

Another is way too easy to make a mountain out of a molehill.   You all know exactly what I'm talking about...

We take a small something.....that usually WE are not happy about.....and we keep on and keep on griping and complaining, until we make it seem like a HUGE thing {mountain}....

Again....a simple something that turns out to become a complicated matter!! is a good one!!!   Using our laptops to get a 10 minute Dr. degree.  Oh...come on now.  You all know exactly what I'm talking about.   We check on-line to find out about what is causing all of our aches and pains.   Before the evening is up, we have diagnosed ourselves with numerous kinds of serious diseases.   {I'm not saying that it's bad to do research....I'm just saying that we take a small something and we complicate matters by thinking we have just Doctored ourselves}

Life can be very simple.....all it takes is a little patience...wisdom...and perhaps a whole lot of common sense!  A little kindness would help  too.....


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

There is just something totally awesome about gazing at the Stars, on a clear night.   How Beautiful they are!!  It is by the touch of the Master's hand that we have the great universe to admire.  

Many times....I have looked up and it is as if the Stars are speaking to me!  NO...NOT LITERALLY...but they have a way of completing my awareness of just how great God really is.  

Funny thing.....I google stuff all the time, and when I typed in Stars, the unexpected came up.  Since when did the "Stars in Hollywood" take precidence over the universal stars?  

What makes one a Star?  Fame? OR Beauty?  I posted today on my Facebook...."Why set your sights on a star of known Brightness, when you can create a STAR of your own Brightness?"

Meaning:  We do not have to live our lives trying to be like someone that (we believe) to be a Star!  We can create inside our own self....A person who truly is a STAR and who has Star qualities. 

Beauty from within....Honesty, love, compassion, Acceptance, Joy,    Integrity, Respect, Loyalty....

Each of these traits creates a star that shines much brighter than any other star whose light becomes dim because of their actions!!!  

Just my simple thoughts for the day....hope you all can relate to what I'm saying here.


Have to share this little comic photo that I sent to Tyler just yesterday... He had a good laugh...thinking that his Shug might get her a TAT!!!'s been a great day and I hope that all of you continue to enjoy this beautiful day that the Lord has made...


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