Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, January 12, 2018

Relax, Refresh oneself, and recover strength!  What am I talking about here?   I'm giving you the definition of the word REST!

One of my sweet blogging friends posted that even though she really was not looking for a "word" for the year 2018......the word 
REST came to her mind. 

Another dear blogging friend of mine......left a comment for me just this past week mentioning........ that with all the crud that I've had....perhaps, I just needed to rest!  Let my body REST!

Now.....this is what I call resting!!

It is true....Our body has a way of letting us know that it needs rest. Way too often, I ignore those signs and just keep on trucking along.
What usually happens is that after so long of trucking along, my body says: NO MORE!  It's at these times that I finally have to take a few days to recoup.   

As I was thinking about this word REST......I realized how much my mind needed a rest.  I'm pretty sure, that just like many of you, our minds have been on overload since about September!!  

September....School gets back into swing.....we have Fall festivals.....Decorating....Parties.....Trick R' with Families......and sometimes, we might throw in a Fall vacation. many of us really rest even on a Fall vacation?  Even though WE usually take a September vacation......rarely is it a RESTFUL vaca!!!

Our vacation schedule is so planned out, that it leaves very little time to relax.

For is very difficult to settle down by the time January gets here.  I am overwhelmed with this huge onset of boredom, after having just come away from the past.... 4..... super busy months.  

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to rest when you are bored?
This is a very difficult task......for me anyways!

God's word tells us to say's to BE STILL.   How can we possibly hear God speaking to us if we never take time to be still and REST. 

This world that we live so very demanding!  Demanding of our time and over demanding when it comes to being productive. 
I would love to know how many times a day the word HURRY is spoken.   Hurry up...... are the two words that COMMANDS our days.

Are any of you hungry for REST?   I know that I am.   

Sam and I have a business trip this next week that requires quite a bit of driving.    Although we will be spending many hours on the road.....I plan on sitting back and giving myself the opportunity to rest.   I usually help with the driving, and I will again this time....but instead of allowing my mind to be absorbed with what I need to do two weeks from now....I'm just going to take in the scenic views and enjoy myself.   

Hugs to all....
Shug ~


Ginny Hartzler said...

Shug, from what I know about you, I am guessing you have a high metabolism and are very energetic. Can you please send me some of that? Yes, often we are so busy with things and doing for others that we don't realize how tired we are. Women are supposed to do everything, after all. One day a week of real rest is just what the Great Doctor ordered!

Michelle said...

Off today from school, due to weather and will not go back until next Tuesday. I am looking forward to some REST this weekend. Our bodies and minds need it!

Ruth Hiebert said...

I trust that this time away will be just what you need to recharge your 'batteries'.

Betsy Adams said...

You remind me of my best friend, Judy... She has an abundant amount of energy and is involved with her family and all of the grandchildren like you are. I always tell Judy that she can't do it ALL --but she tries to take care of everyone ALL of the time... She never rests much --and when she does, she gets bored.... Mercy me---I am so opposite especially at my age. I yearn for being home just with my hubby and just relaxing and doing our thing here... I don't like crowds or ever being around a lot of people...

BUT--I admire you (and Judy) and the energy you both have... Just remember to relax and rest..... Going on trips with Sam is important --since I'll bet that the two of you don't ever get too much 'alone' time together, which is SO important....



Melinda said...

Rest is good.
We have a need for it.

Take care , stay well.

M : )

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

Yes, I need a rest...a brain rest! Even when I am resting, my brain is going at lest 100 miles per hour! I do think it's important to just, be still. Heavenly Father knows what we need...we need to listen.

Love the picture of the bear, he looks very relaxed... :0)

I hope you are feeling better and getting plenty of rest!

Hugs and Love,

Pam said...

I have no problem resting, it's one of my fave things to do. :-) Evidently, it's because I'm retired and we just got through shoveling and snow-blowing another 5" of snow in the bitter cold. Now I can't get warm to rest!!! Take care and relax!

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