Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Win #1000.

While the rest of the Country was focused in on what was going on in New Hampshire last night........   Our small little school district had their main focus on a completely different kind of WIN!   

 I was extremely disappointed that Sam and I were not able to attend this huge I was still on the mend from the Big, Bad, stomach virus that has been spreading like crazy.  :( 

It was a huge let-down not to be able to be there to support our High School Girls Basketball coach......Fred Griffin.....on his win....#1000!!!!

As Sam and I were sitting here, at home, last evening.....listening to "Bear Radio" ..... We were so Proud for Coach Griffin and for his family as well.

I told Sam....."Fred has been a part of our school, our community, and our sports programs for so long.....that I had to do some double thinking to know if he had possibly coached ME  at one time or another!!!"   LOL...this is a funny....because Fred is only one year older than me!

Coach Griffin "DID" coach both of our daughters!!

Looking a parent, we sometimes choose to look at sports (practices/workouts) as a somewhat headache or even perhaps a thief when it comes to family time.   NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!!  

This time is very valuable!!

I'm not sure that throughout the years that Coach Griffin spent numerous hours coaching our girls.....that I ever thought about the time that he spent away from his family.   This was and still is a huge sacrifice, made on the part of a coach and their family.

Coach Griffin and His Family....

Not only is Coach Griffin a great coach....he is also a wonderful family man, who loves his family greatly.  His wife Renee, his three daughters and their families are all such sweet precious people.   Hugs to all of them!! 

"No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others.  The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude."

Sam and I are extremely thankful for the help that Coach Griffin gave to both of our girls....!!!!   Not only did he teach them the skills that they needed, to be a player out on the basketball court.....BUT, he also taught them RESPECT!

Respect for him and for the other players.   Respect for their school and their community......respect for the game.....and most of all, respect for themselves.   

He also taught them patience, persistence, life values and how to have success in this world.   

As their coach.....He made a huge impact upon their lives.

Tori will be in High School next year and I can only hope that Coach Griffin will find it in his coaching career to stick around for a few more years.   How awesome it would be for the same coach who taught our girls so much about basketball and about coach our granddaughter as well....

Congratulations to you Coach Griffin.....and to your family as well.....




Shanda Booth said...

Way to go, Coach Griffin!!

Linda Kay said...

Exciting for small schools and big achievements!

Michelle said...

Congrats to the coach! What an accomplishment!

Barb said...

Hi Shug!
What a great tribute to, Coach Griffin! I think it's wonderful to have a good coach, especially in a small town. Coach Griffin looks like an amazing man, with a great family. We have had lots of turmoil in our small town, because the coach was caught on camera, doing some things that were less than moral. He has since resigned, but not without turning our little school upside down! It has been . . . drama! Good coaches and teachers are such a blessing for our children, and it looks like you have a winner! Congrats on that 1000 wins!

I just have to tell you that a few tears were shed when I read the post about your grandson. what an amazing young man he is! It's so good to have good friend, and having a friend who can identify with your own trials is truly a tender mercy. Tucker is so lucky to have such a great family to stand behind him and love him through all of the trials in his life . . .:0)


Cheryl @ TFD said...

Congratulations to the coach! That is an awesome accomplishment. Yes, I agree that sports are very valuable and I wish more youngsters participated. When our son was in high school, there ended up being only 7 players on the basketball team. You guessed it, the coach wasn't liked. Good coaches make all the difference!

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