Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, February 8, 2016


I don't know......I just may choose to use my header picture on this blog for a very long time.  In means so very much!

Before saying anything else, I want to give God Glory and Praise for all of the things that He has done for the two young men in this photo.....Praise and Glory for God's healing for both of these guys.

Most of you already know our grandson "Tucker"....he's the one with his hands held high in this photo.   The other young man is "Jake"....Tucker's best friend.   

They have SO MUCH in common!  One thing is that they both are extremely handsome young men.   Another thing is that they are both survivors of childhood leukemia.  

Tucker was diagnosed when he was 8 years old.   It was August 16th, 2006.   I remember the exact date, because my mom passed away on August 16th, 2005.    Jake was diagnosed the year after Tucker and I want to say that it was sometime in September of that year.   

Jake is now a senior and Tucker is a Junior in High School..... 

When Jake had his Senior portraits made.....he chose to include Tucker in a few of them.   I'm so glad that he did.   

These photos are priceless.....!!!!!!!  AND, there is now a bond between them that I know will never be broken.



Ruth Hiebert said...

Praise God for giving both these handsome young men healing and a life to live for Him.

Terra Hangen said...

What a wonderful bond between these two young men, and grandma's prayers were answered.

Nancy Chan said...

Very touching sharing. Praise God for His mercy and goodness. He did an awesome miracle in the lives of these two handsome young men.

Linda Kay said...

A lovely story and such handsome young men.

Shanda Booth said...

Love these two guys

Carol Z said...

Beautiful pictures. Wishing them many more years of health, happiness and friendship.

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Yes....My Grandkids Rock