Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I Strongly Disapprove

I am so ranting today!

This is one post that I wish I could "SHOUT" out, all across America, to every driver that gets behind the wheel of a vehicle.

On my way to Tyler today....I honestly felt as if I were in some kind of driving battle.   Every where I looked, a driver was either texting or talking on their phone.   Several in front of me were also driving erratically.  

When I'm behind a person who irresponsibly drives and text......I can almost always know what is happening!  

While they may think they are in control of the vehicle....their path tends to tell otherwise.   Crossing lines....slowing down....speeding up.....These are good indications that someone is texting and driving!

When it comes to "meeting" a can sometimes be too late to know what they are doing.    In other words....they have crossed the line and are heading right for you, before you have to hit the ditch to avoid a head on collision. 

This particular quote.......says what needs to be said!!!

Why?  Why would a parent, text their child or their loved one.....knowing that they could possibly be behind the wheel of a vehicle????   What is a kid to do?   

1. They send  a reply text at the risk of their own life being taken, or the life of someone else being taken too soon.

2.  They ignore the text....and usually end up in trouble when they get home for not replying to the text.

Wake up Parents!!!

It is frightening to think about sharing the road with a someone who is not in control.....It makes me want to shout...

Wake up People!!!

The least that a person could do....(if they are going to continue to text, talk and drive)

Put a huge red flag on your warn others that you are driving dangerously and are being very inconsiderate of the lives of others.

In the past....I have been guilty of texting and driving....maybe one or two times.   Very unwise decision.

However.....I know of so many people who have suffered loss, due to a driver that was texting.    A texted message is NOT worth the risk of losing ones life or losing the life of others.

I STRONGLY disapprove of Texting and Driving!!!

If this opens one persons eyes today.....then I say....
Thank you Lord!

blessings my sweet friends..
Don't Text/Talk and drive!!



Patricia @ CorninmyCoffee-pot said...

One of my very own Pet PEEVES!
I don't like it either.
Sadly, I didn't practice safe driving and phoning... years back when I got my first cell phone, so I didn't set a good example.
Just because a phone is mobile and with you at all times, doesn't mean you have to answer it INSTANTLY.
No. Nothing it that important.
IF YOU MUST ANSWER A PHONE-- PULL OFF. the shoulder isn't good enough, EXIT! Pull into a drive way, parking lot, what have you. If you're sitting on the shoulder... you are a prime target for some NUT behind the wheel of their car, TEXTING.
You are a target!
People have got to realize this?!

I agree with you.


Oh my, this happens all over the world it seems. I hate it too.
Perfect post and yes, if one can see it and stop; but my hope people get conscious about it without having to always sanction them.
When I know I'm waiting for an importan whatsup or call. I pull over as I know I need to see it and answer it.

Have a blessed week.

Michelle said...

I know this happens everywhere. It is horrible! So dangerous for all involved!

Ruth Hiebert said...

I love my cell phone and the ability it gives me to be in contact with my son and others,BUT,I do not approve of texting while driving.TOO DANGEROUS.

Linda Kay said...

The use of technology on the highway is really frightening, especially when people are driving sooooo fast anyway!

Haddock said...

Something which I totally agree. This happens all over the world.
The best thing for any one to do is not respond till he/she parks the car some where. I just don't understand the urgency of replying back immediately.

Debbie said...

I hope it helps, as I understand perfectly. And believe it or's often guys in work vans or trucks doing the texting and talking.

Ida said...

Amen & Well Said. I don't text at all and I pull over if I get a call while I'm driving unless I can't pullover and then I just wait to find out who called until it's safe.

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