Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, March 13, 2015

Loving March 13th

I Love March 13th......even if it does fall on a Friday.

My favorite March 13th was way back in 1968.  Can you believe that was 47 years ago?  I am pretty sure that it was a Wednesday.

On the music charts.....  Otis Redding, "Sitting on the dock of the bay"  AND... at the movies, "Stay Away, Joe" directed by 
Peter Tewksbury was the hit movie.

But.....Something else WONDERFUL happened on March 13, 1968, and it happened to ME!!

NO...No...I didn't get married!  After all, I was only 15!

Slang words meant some totally different things from what they mean today!!

"Cool" = Nice
"Cruising" = Driving up and down the strip
"Cutout" = leave the scene
"Dibs" = It's yours
"Four on the Floor" = Floor mounted transmission shifter.
"Hang Loose" = Take it easy
"Kissup" - Teacher's pet
"Swapping Spit" = French kissing
"Wedgie" = When someone pulled your underwear up from 
                     the back and it ends up in your crack.

{Can you believe that now days....a lot of underwear is made to be worn like that...."Thongs"}

And, last on my list:   "Going Steady"  =  Dating one person!

 On March 13, sweetheart {Sam} ask me to 

                                            "Go Steady"

And from that day on......we have been the Best of Friends!

I must admit....I'm the sentimental type.  Yes, I am!
For the past 47 years, I have kept every single love letter, card, and note, that Sam has ever given me!  My box is full of hand written letters as well.  

How fun it is to look back at them now!  Oh yes, indeed, it is!

See that one little note in the above photo?   Sam sent to me when we were Freshman's in High School.  I can promise you that many of these love notes were just jib jab.   But, when Sam scribbled my name on a piece of paper, it was a big thrill, because I knew that I was on his mind.   Made my heart go pitter patter!

Do we ever get too old to send a love letter to that special person in our life?  I don't think so........!!!!!    

By the way!!  Sam has his own drawer, which is filled with messages and cards that I have sent him....!

  Two peas in a pod.......that's what we are!!


Happy March 13th everyone!



Christine said...

47 years ago and only 15!?!
You still have every card and letter, and Sam does too!!?!!
This is a BIG WOW moment for me.

~~** Congratulations! **~~

Ruth Hiebert said...

Oh what a wonderful true story! I love seeing and hearing about two people still in love after many years.

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm amazed that at the young age of 15 you had already found the right person for you! Congratulations for such a long, successful relationship!

Pam said...

How time flies and what a great story, Shug! I admire you for keeping all the letters,etc. over the years!! I couldn't do that, wanted no one else to see them so Bill made a big bonfire. It's a sunny pretty morning here and the snow is finally going away! Have a great weekend!

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I love a good love story! this is the sweetest thing.
I have some cards and letters-- and so does he, somewhere.
glad your March 13 brings special memories for you.

Gail Dixon said...

So, so sweet! I still have a box full of love letters and notes passed in class. Remember those? Loved taking this trip down memory lane with you.

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