Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, March 28, 2015

5th Annual Free Throws for Souls....

5th Annual "Free Throws for Souls" is now over!!

As you can see.....Tom shot 22,063 free throws! 

The # that he made was 14,597 for a percentage of 66.2 !!!!

This is totally awesome!!


This event could not have been the success that it was if it were not for other area Church's, along with volunteers from the community...who helped in several various ways.  

And of course....Praise God for Blessing Tom with this talent and the strength to endure the 24 grueling hours that it took to shoot all of these Free Throws!!

Our family and our community is very Blessed...



Ginny said...

That is SO many throws! I bet he went home and slept forever!

Linda Kay said...

I may have made possibly 10 percent, but after an hour I probably wouldn't be able to lift my arms. Congrats to Tom.

Pam said...

That's a lot of free throws! I love this time of year, basketball, Spring, Easter. Happy Palm Sunday to you and yours. Love those tulips!!!

Barb said...

That's awesome!! Very blessed indeed!!

How are his arms?!

Connie said...

I can only imagine how tired your Tom was after this event, but what a blessing. It sounds like a great event to bring families together and away from the TV and computers for the day, too:)

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