Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Last Week

This is it!!......the last week for me to get everything in place and get ready for the big event.  

Next Sunday afternoon is the beginning of the Christmas Tour...This particular afternoon is reserved for those who have homes in the tour, along with the "WUF" group which sponsors this event.  {WUF...stands for "Women's Unity Fellowship") 

I think that I mentioned before....that the money raised from the tour, goes to the "Brenda Epperson" memorial scholarship fund.  

Monday night, the tour is open for the rest of the community.  They can purchase tickets at several different locations in town, or there will be tickets at each of the homes in the tour. 

Our home is completely decorated....all I have to do now, is deep clean, bake cookies and double check make sure I have everything in place!!

Wish me luck...that all the lights work...and NO fuse is blown!!  lol.

It sure looks like Christmas around here..



Melinda said...

Good Luck and HAVE FUN!

I am sure that your home looks quite festive!

M :)

Ruth Hiebert said...

Wish I lived closer,so I could come and see this.Have fun.

Ginny said...

How wonderful!!! And I WANT pictures! So after it is all done, you can give US the big tour. I know you are such a good decorator, so I will be looking for tips. Your header is lovely!

Debbie said...

I agree with Ginny. I'd love to see pictures of your favorite places in your home. Good luck on the lights and breakers! Deb

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