Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Decorating Styles......???

There are so many simple ways for me to bring tons of happiness to my life.    Take for example.....Our Home.

My style of decorating is filled with all  kinds of things that I love!!  First and foremost....are the photos of our family.  There are so many adorable frames out there, and I always try to select a frame that enhances the photo that I have chosen to use.

I love seeing the smiles on family faces and I it makes me giggle when I see the sometimes quirky poses that we all come up with when we take pictures.   

I would never be so selfish to decorate our home in a way that pleases only me.   After all......Sam lives here too, and it is very important for a man to feel comfortable in his own home.  

We both are crazy about antiques and we have spent many hours together collecting all kinds of items that we can use in our home.  It's very interesting how we all have our own decorating personalities.  

I am not one who cares for the new "Modern" look and I'm not super crazy about lace and the more "Victorian" look.

I suppose that what my style would be is just down right
simple and old. 

I made some purchases several months ago to add to the decor in our home, but I somehow forgot to share them with you....

A lighted arrow!!!   Several  months ago, I went on a search for an arrow like this and I was so disappointed when the only one that I found was way too expensive.   

And then.......right before my eyes, this gorgeous RED arrow appeared at one of my favorite stores, right here in Chandler.     Yes....."Chandler Feed and Seed" had this very arrow displayed on one of their shelves.   It is made out of tin and it has been distressed in a red paint.   

Sam found this Red fold up kitchen stool for me at a nearby antique shop....   $45.00!!   My heart skipped a beat when he brought it home!!

Here is a sneak peek of .........

EAT   sign!     Oh my.....I knew I had to have this one for my kitchen!!    Shug's kitchen is always ready to feed anyone who walks through the backdoor!!

Just another one of my baskets that I am filling up with MORE  rolling pins and old kitchen gadgets.   I already have a lot of these kinds of things, but as you can see, I have plenty of room to do a little more antique shopping, in order to fill this lovely basket...

And now.......I'm    ISO  some old chairs.....

I feel confident that I will find them!!

What kind of decorating style do you have?
There are no wrong or no right ways of decorating....

It's all about what makes you happy.

Oh happy day....

Shug ~


Ginny said...

Shug, this is so YOU! I love the arrow and the eat sign! Your kitchen will look like an upscale cafe now! And it all matches, the signs, the eggbeater, the stool. TOO perfect!

Betsy Adams said...

Your home is YOU (and Sam)... I love reading about your new purchases --and how you make everything 'go' in your home..

I don't have that kind of creativity... However, my home is full of US---our trip memorabilia, our photos (all over the house), our families, JUST tons of memories... That's US!!!!!


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOVE those lit signs, Shug!! Your home reflects your inner glow! I agree that your "décor" need only be the things you love. Where did you find that great basket for your rolling pin collection?? blessings ~ tanna

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I love these old vintage things in your kitchen. I have a step chair...but it doesn't have padding on it. BUT IT'S RED! The signs are wonderful. I worked in a sign shop when I was a young married. I learned how they made those signs...and it was interesting--but I hated it.:/
I'd rather be home decorating!
...with sign!
I'm thinking of painting a couple of sign for my kitchen. But not sure what to put on them. I like the mix of wood, wire racks, and baskets in your kitchen too.
My style is much the same as yours, old is good. I love using old items in my kitchen...with our without their intended purpose. I will use them! I like some color and I like to consider my husband and his taste as well.
we are similar in taste of decorating...he likes old and I like old. :)
which is good...because now, we're both old-- well I'm getting there. Pat

Gail Dixon said...

The pieces you've chosen for your home have so much personality! Love the lighted arrow and the color red. My style is traditional with earthy colors like blue, brown, green, turquoise. I do love red though and have the guest bathroom decorated in predominately red. And though it's not a restful color, my master bedroom is decorated in red. Shug, I bet your home is not only colorful, but inviting and warm. Sadly, the only lighted sign I could have in my kitchen would be CLOSED or OUT OF BUSINESS. LOL!

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