Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, February 11, 2011

When Being A Kid Was FUN!

Valentines is on it's way........

Red and Pink hearts are everywhere!

I can remember as a child, Valentines Day was a very special day....It is still special, but it is a lot different from the way I remember it.

In our elementary classes, we would spend the entire week prior to Valentines Day, making valentines for our parents and friends.  We used all sorts of things and lots of colored paper to help us create the cutest valentine cards.  This was way back then, when kids were allowed to be creative at school.....

The favorite part for me was the Valentine Box Contest.  This was huge!   It was a project that we did on our own,  without the help of parents or siblings.  When the day finally arrived for us to bring our box to school, none of us could hardly wait.  And then there was the voting!  We had to vote on the best box....... 

Another special thing was getting to see who all gave you a valentines.  Back then, it wasn't a required thing for you to give one to everyone in the class.  Sometimes you would find a special treat that someone placed in your box and then sometimes you would find a VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE!           Kinda like a "Special Valentines"

                                              "Will You Be My Valentine"

                                  I like you.  Do you like Me?

                                  Yes ____  or   No _____

It would depend upon what you said as to whether or not you had a new BOYFRIEND!
We would take our valentines home and look at them for days.  This was a time when we as kids actually READ every single valentines that we got.  (I'm really not sure that the kids read them these days)

Those were the SIMPLE good ol' days!

Shug Sez....

Do something special for the one you love...........


gbearden125 said...

I miss the good old days!

Mom on the go said...

I remember the box we made when I was in elementary. It was "froo, froo". I was so excited when mine was voted best box. I will never forget that.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Valentine's Day was always fun when I was a kid. And it was always fun when my children were small. Now, it's sort of just another day. We don't really do anything special for it. Do you? We might go out to eat, but then we will use any occasion as an excuse to go out to eat! LOL! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Cheryl

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful post, Shug... YES---those were the simple, good-ole days... Back then, we didn't have to be 'politically correct'... These days, we don't want to leave out anyone or to offend anyone for any reason, even when they are wrong. We have to watch what we say and do constantly. It's kinda sad I think.. Life was so much better back then. Oh Well.

Country Dreaming said...

Where have those days gone? Out the window I say.
Now days there isn't much creativity going on in schools--too much other mandatory stuff.
I loved decorating my shoe box and then getting to pass the cards out at our party. Most schools don't even have many parties either.
Oh, where have those days gone?????

Have a great weekend.


bj said...

I remember the decorated boxes so well. We had such fun making them. I always used an old cigar box...wish I had them back. :)))

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