Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Internet Marriage

Happy 39th Birthday
to our son-in-law

What a Blessing He is to our family.

Tom is married to our youngest daughter, Shanda. 

I remember when the two of them met.  I remember thinking....God, I know that every storm begins with one drop of rain and it looks like we are fixing to have a flood.  This Storm is going to be really huge!  Please Help!

You see, Tom and Shanda met on the Internet!

She was attending college at Texas A & M, and he was in school 4 states away...Yikes, what was she thinking?  We would have never dreamed of something like this happening.  No, No, No...

After many serious phone conversations between Tom and Sam, we finally made arrangements to have the family meet him.  Still a little leary, we decided to meet at a restaurant just in case he was some kind of weird guy.  

He flew to Texas and we met him at a restaurant there in College Station. I'm not sure who was more nervous, me, Shanda or Tom.  He really seemed like a super nice guy, but there was no way I was going to let my guard down after just one visit. 

The next two weekends, he made a 12 hour trip to come and visit her at our house.  (that would be 24 hours round trip)  Tom ended up moving here after a couple of months and the rest is history.  The two of them dated for almost a year and a half before becoming engaged.

We honestly could not have ask for a better husband for her.  He loves the Lord and he is truly dedicated to serving God. He provides very well for his family and their happiness is very important to him.  He is a great husband to Shanda and shows her the respect a husband should show his wife.  Tom is crazy about Carson, Trey and Mylee and is very active in their lives. 

He still has a lot of Northern blood in him, and some of his ways are slightly different from ours, but we love him all the same...
He truly is a Great Guy!!

He has been in our family for over ten years now, so I guess we will keep him around!

Oh....By the way.  The above picture is not his Ever Day Norm..He and Shanda were dressed up for a Halloween party...(Thank goodness)


Take Time to pray for your children...EVERYDAY!


Mom on the go said...

It certainly wasn't easy telling my parents about this guy I had met on the internet. But thank you Lord, it was all ordained by You. Happy Birthday Honey. And thank you mom for that oh so crazy picture that you posted for the world to see. LOL

Mary Margaret Scott said...

What a neat story! :)

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