Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beast and Beauty

Do you see it?......Can you taste it or even smell it?

Yellow Stuff is everywhere!!!  

I walked out onto the back porch this morning and could not believe how everything was covered with a tint of yellow.  Tables that I had just cleaned yesterday afternoon looked as if they had not been wiped down in weeks.  Take a look at Sams Cajun Fryer......
It was covered in so much pollen that the kids could even do an art project on it! 

This is what we are breathing.  Not suprising that so many people are sick with allergies.  Our lungs are probably screaming to  breath.  I'm sure the pharmacy's are packed with customers begging for some relief.

Pollen is actually the fertilizing element of flowering plants and trees.  It consist of a fine yellow powder of grains and spores.  This is exactly what we are seeing..

I went to the car wash yesterday just to check and see if our truck was still black.  Wasn't sure, because it looked as if I were driving around in a new Yellow truck.  There were several other people pulling up to check out the color of their vehicles.  Almost looked like a sea of yellow. 

This is just part of nature and it happens every year.  I look though and see the beauty that comes from all of this pollen.
Beautiful Red Bud Tree
If we can just tolerate the yellow dust for a short while longer, then we will be able to enjoy all the beauty. 
In the meantime it is best to stay inside and keep the tissues near by.  Spring is Here!

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